ArcGIS Widget

ArcGis Autoaddress Widget for Web AppBuilder

This widget provides easy to use look-up functionality within the ArcGis Web AppBuilder service.

Set up Instructions

  1. Download the ArcGis widget by following the instructions here: CRM Integration Files. The required file is in the "ArcGis Autoaddress Widget" folder.
  2. Once downloaded, copy the "Autoaddress" folder to the "widgets" folder of the ArcGis Web AppBuilder directory (<Web AppBuilder Location>\client\stemapp\widgets)
  3. Restart Web AppBuilder and Open a new or existing App for editing.
  4. In the Widgets Tab, select the "Header Controller" or one of the floating widget options to open the "Choose Widget" Menu. 
  5. Select the Autoaddress widget and click OK.
  6. You will now see the Configuration screen. Enter your Licence Key and Address Profile here and set the Address Return format (The default setting of Vanity is the recommended setting for most use cases).
  7. Click OK to add the widget to your app. You can now access all of the Autoaddress jQuery plugin's functionality in ArcGis maps. On finding an address, the widget will centre the map on the coordinates of that address.
 You can read more about the jQuery plugin's features here: jQuery - Getting Started

Replacing the default search bar

  • The Autoaddress widget can be used in place of the default search bar.
  • When an app has been created you can find the app by its Id in the Apps folder (<Web AppBuilder Location>\server\apps)
  • Open the folder with the corresponding App Id.
  • Open the config.json file in a text editor. Find the text "uri": "widgets/Search/Widget" and change it to "uri": "widgets/Autoaddress/Widget" and save the file.
  • Next open the widgets folder inside the App folder (<Web AppBuilder Location>\server\apps\<appId>\widgets)
  • If the Autoaddress folder is not already in the App's Widgets folder copy it from the downloaded file to the App's Widgets folder.
  • Open the Autoaddress folder and open the config.json file in a text editor.
  • Copy your licence key next to the licenceKey variable.
  • Refresh the page in Web AppBuilder to see the Autoaddress widget in place of the default search bar.