Microsoft Dynamics

The Autoaddress functionality can be easily added to a Microsoft Dynamics form by integrating our Javascript control and CSS.


Autoaddress JavaScript Files

To get started, download our JavaScript and CSS files from our GitHub here. For instructions how how to download the files, follow this guide.

On-Premise vs Dynamics 365

If using Dynamics 365, follow our Dynamics 365 instructions.

The “AutoaddressContact” file that you downloaded needs to be edited if you are running an on-premise version of Dynamics.  Open the file using a text editor. In the file, there are numerous lines containing “window.parent”, such as the code shown below.

Every instance of “window.parent” must be removed as well as any “.” That comes after. For example, the code shown above will become:

Latest Compressed JQuery

The latest JQuery file is also needed. To get this, go to
Download the latest compressed, production version such as the following:

Adding Autoaddress Control to your form

We will add the Autoaddress Control to your existing Contacts form.  Hover over the Sales tab until the drop-down menue appears and click the "Contacts" button.
This will open a page like below:

From here click the “+ New” button to open the Contact form. When the Contact form has opened click the “Form” button at the top of the page as seen below

Clicking on the "Form" button will open the form editor and it will look like the following screen

The next step is to add the necessary JavaScript files that were downloaded as part of the pre-requisites. To do this, click the “Form Properties” button which will open a window like this:

In the “Form Libraries” list, select “new_contacts_composite.js” and click the “remove” button. Next, click the “Add” button to open the “Look Up Record” window. 

At the bottom of this window is a button labelled “New”. Click this button to open the “Web Resource: New” window.

The first file to upload will be the loader file. Give it the “Name” and “Display Name” of “AutoaddressLoader” and set the type to be “Script(Jscript)” Next click the “Choose File” button to open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to where you have stored the repository. There are two loader files included in the repository downloaded earlier. If the Dynamics site is being hosted on premises, use the file named “AutoaddressLoader-Premise”. If hosted off-site, select the “AutoaddressLoader” file. 

Next, click the “Save” button at the top of the page and close the web resource window when complete. The new file will now be populated in the “Look Up Record” Window list. Select it and click the “Add” button. This will close the look up window and populate the “Form Libraries” list in the “Form Properties” window with the new script. It will look like this:

Repeat to upload the "AutoaddressContact" and latest JQuery files.  Once all the files have been uploaded, the “Form Libraries” should like this:
Ensure the JQuery file is top of the list. If it’s not, select it and click the “Up” button until it is at the top.

Next Steps:

Completing the setup